'Book Of The Day' by Online Book Club .org

Career guidance for high school students.

Comments From OnlineBookClub.org Readers:

Daniya Shah - Student

“As a student, I'm elated to have come across this. Surprisingly enough, this one isn't long which means it's straight to the point with relevant discussion."

Jessica Brooks - Book Reviewer at OnlineBookClub.org

“Excited to read this one! I'm resuming my college education soon and it seems timely.” 

Amy Saunders - Senior Scientist at Perrigo Company plc

"I really wish books like this were available when I graduated from high school. Even though it is targeted to a younger audience, a lot of the career development and networking advice will be useful throughout a career. I see this being an excellent graduation gift.”

Charine Welman - Mathematics Teacher 

“I will definitely use this book for my children, as it will equip them with necessary skills and information to build their careers.

Melissa Jones - Reviewer, Beta Reader, Proofreader

I think this will be a good read for my high schooler. The fact that so much information packed into only 80 pages is a big draw. Even though she loves reading, instructional books are not her favorite, and a book that’s not the size of an encyclopedia on the subject will appeal to her.”

Harry Madede - Reginal Sales Manager

“A great read for kids in high school. It has some great straight Ideas to help kids learn about themselves, available jobs, careers and how they might fit together. Thumbs up to the author for this. Wish such books would be available while I was still in high school.  I give it a 5 star.