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Career Success

Career Preteens

Discover Career Interests

Provides smart, simple tools to help teens identify interesting and satisfying occupations. This "tool kit" enables continuous exploration as interests change and mature.

Career Preteens

Learn To Compete

Explains the role competition plays in the workplace and how to develop skill advantages to gain a competitive edge to win the job you want. This is one of the best books for teens to read on this subject.

Career Preteens

Aquire Workplace Skills

Teaches teens how to acquire workplace skills while in high school and college.

Career Preteens

Learn How To Market Oneself

Teen learns how to market oneself, which is essential to applying for college admission or to win a job.

Blog Feature

Shelter At Home Opportunity — Talk To Your Teens About The Workplace And The Skills Required For Career Success.

Competition in the workplace is a fact of life. For every job one wants, others will want it too. What determines who wins the job? Isn’t this a conversation we should be having with our teens? Isn’t being able to answer this question essential to the achievement of career success? Unfortunately, many teens are unable…

Interview About Improving Our Community

John Bendt Author: A Roadmap To Career Success I was honored to be interviewed recently by Mali Phonpadith of the SOAR Community Network as part of their 1,000 Change Agent Interview Series. Click below for a link to see the interview. #SCN1000ChangeAgent Interview Series – John Bendt

Preparing Teens to Succeed in the Workplace: A Foundation Initiated Effort By John G. Bendt

In order to prepare for the future, a seminar was designed to enable teens to answer these two questions: What do I need to do to prepare for career success? What determines who wins the job in a competitive workplace? The Flaherty Family Foundation initiated a conversation with teens about the workplace by providing sixty…